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The fashion industry needs to fundamentally change in order to mitigate its environmental and ethical impact globally.

At SEE Wardrobe we endeavour to educate our customers to make better informed choices about their fashion investments.


Our goal is to become an Earth Positive business. In order to do this we apply our key core values against all aspects of our practice:​​







We assess every item in each client's wardrobe using these principles, we consider the environmental impact across the entire life cycle.

By employing circular models, we aim to minimise resource consumption, eliminate waste and extend the life of each garment.

We offer advice on eco friendly clothes storage and hangers, better recycling practice and innovative cleaning solutions.

We believe strongly in supporting less privilaged communities and encourage customers to donate pre loved items to charities such as SmartWorks and Oxfam.

We can also connect clients with clothing rental services and designer resale sites. This way clothes and accessories can continue to create value for the current owner or have their life extended in the possession of a new owner.

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